Just Call Me Ripley
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Ripley's Story

Ripley is a directionless bagel shop employee stuck in the middle of her own directionless coming out story. She is trying to figure out if she’s gay, and much to her disappointment, no one just hands you a gay card. Meanwhile she’s stuck living with her ex fiancé, Dan, who seems to be more accepting of the possibility that’s she’s gay than she is herself. In fact, Ripley is surrounded by accepting people, including coworkers at the bagel shop and her neighbor Butch Donna (a self proclaimed Gay Yoda.) Just Call Me Ripley is a comedic coming out story that follows Ripley on her search for identity and love.

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Just call me Ripley Trailer

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 Queer Stories

Just Call Me Ripley is a comedic original series meant to provide relief and comfort for individuals in the queer community while building a bridge to understanding and allyship for those in their network. Queer narratives are showing up in the media more than ever before. There is catharsis and strength in recognizing yourself in another person’s story to which queer folx have previously had limited access. Just Call Me Ripley seeks to add a unique perspective to this new wave of queer voices. The series follows the coming out journey of Ripley, who is struggling to understand her own identity. Often, coming out stories focus on characters who know they are queer and are hiding it from those around them. In this story, Ripley is hiding being queer from themself. Just Call Me Ripley is loosely based on creator Shannon Noll’s own experience of coming out as gay and later genderqueer. When they were coming out there were no stories that reflected what they were feeling. This series intends to do just that.

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Our Story

Shannon Noll

Creator, Producer, Ripley


Often confused for a little boy, Shannon Noll is actually a grown up Chicago based comedian and actor. They bring joy and playfulness to all of their work. Shannon’s comedy comes from personal life stories, ranging from working as a tour guide on double-decker buses to life as a genderqueer person. Currently they can be seen performing stand up, sketch, and improv regularly at The Annoyance Theater, The Revival Theater, and as a producer/host of the shameful story-telling show We Still Like You. Shannon is also a writer for the podcast The Koch Brothers Mystery Show (Cards Against Humanity). They have opened for Beth Stelling and Emma Willmann and have performed at Memphis Comedy Festival, Hell Yes Fest, Bird City Comedy Festival, Arch City, and the Chicago Comedy Expo.

Kalyn Jacobs

Director of photography


Kalyn Jacobs is a Cinematographer/ Photographer from Chicago, IL. A graduate of Howard University’s School of Communications, she began her career running the freelance circuit in Chicago working as a production assistant on local productions and camera operating for Rainbow Push Coalition on weekends. Set on a mission to capture emotional visual experiences, Kalyn moved her talents to Brooklyn, NY to further immerse into the film industry and work with the city’s most talented artists and directors with a story to tell.

Website: 8027pictures.com

IG/Twitter: @kj8027


Cassie Ahiers

Director, Producer

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Cassie Ahiers is a Minnesota native who directs, writes and performs comedy in Los Angeles, CA. Recently, she was a director for the Second City Touring Company, in Chicago, IL. And as a teacher, she has worked with groups of all sizes and backgrounds across the nation. Some of her recent directing credits include, The Second City Summer Blockbuster, Muse, The Mountain Digby, and the web series Check Avail and Lake Effect. Cassie is a graduate of the Second City Directing Program, Conservatory, iO’s improv program, and holds a degree in Theatre directing from Columbia College Chicago. Learn more about her past and upcoming projects at www.cassieahiers.com

Karly Bergmann

Paper Animations

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Karly Bergman is a shadow puppeteer and paper artist currently based in Rome, Italy, by way of Chicago, IL. Her shadow puppets have been performed at The Eugene O'Neill Theater Center's National Puppetry Conference, Teatro Gioco Vita's International Shadow Theater Workshop, and Constellation (Chicago.) Her full-length shadow puppet show "Contessa" premiered as part of Incanti Puppet Festival in Turin, Italy in October 2017, and is currently touring. Her animation work has been featured on the Raritan Gallery,  and performed as Falena Balena (also on Instagram.) Karly is a graduate of The Theater School at Depaul University and was a recipient of the Edes Award for Emerging Artists 2016-17 which allowed her to practice paper arts in Italy for the past year. 

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